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    “Just Don’t Hold it that Way”

    …or “Why I don’t use Apple products.”

    so there’s a big kerfuffle about the new iPhone and how holding it the “wrong” way stops the phone from connecting to AT&T’s network. This is no isolated incident. When the unibody MacBook pros came out, I went into an Apple store to try one out. The first problem I had was that I couldn’t click the mouse. “Push down on the touchpad,” said the Apple sales-dude. I was tapping the touchpad the way I’d always done on every laptop I ever owned or used since 1994 to no avail. He had to grab my finger and push it forcefully down into the laptop until I felt the touchpad “give” like a button. ¬†Only then did I get it to click. But what if I wanted it to work how I wanted? The sales-dude just showed me how it’s done on Mac. OK, fine. But if I’m using a 13″ laptop, I’m going to need to have my apps full screen. What’s the key combination for that? According to the sales-dude, there is no combo for that because Apple doesn’t want you to use the UI that way.

    Excuse me? I have to clear my usage style with Apple? I can’t use a computer in the way I’m accustomed to using a computer for the last decade and a half?

    So Apple can keep their computers and their phones because I want a computer that adapts to me, not the other way around.

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