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    There’s a theory that when you ask the universe for something, it always answers.

    It was exactly six days since my last post that I got a call from Kay Starr Rachelson about joining her group practice, The Cottages Psychotherapy Center. Apparently we hit it off pretty well, because she offered me an office of my own. Ever since then, I’ve been going non-stop to turn an empty room  into a working psychotherapy office. I’m going to use that as my excuse for why I haven’t blogged in about four months.

    Getting set up really is a ton of work, and they do not prepare you for it in school.  Since February I’ve built a separate therapy website, created a free parenting group, developed business cards, cranked through the licensure paper shuffle, furnished and decorated the office, and networked with the therapy community in and around Atlanta. Even though there have been plenty of frustrations, challenges and disappointments along the way, I’m still grateful to be doing this work.

    And if you know anyone in need of a good therapist in North Atlanta, feel free to give them my number: 404-530-9057.

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