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    In Between Time

    Time for a long-overdue update, dear readers.

    When I went back to school to become a therapist, I imagined the day when my studies would be over and I could start practicing “for real.” As always, reality is far more complicated than imagination.

    Graduation itself has become a drawn-out affair. I completed my last class in October. It took a month or two for the registrar to certify my graduate status and send out transcripts in order for me to get my license. My physical, paper diploma is promised to me by the administration, but is still not yet here.

    Beyond graduation is licensing.  This is a giant paper shuffle that unavoidably takes up to four months post-graduation, and I know counselors for whom it’s taken far longer.  My paperwork is slowly crawling through the channels of bureaucracy  and all I can do is wait and hope nobody makes a mistake with my file. Until then, I am merely a “license eligible” counselor, which doesn’t qualify one for much work.

    And what of the practice of therapy?  I’m happy to report that I’m practicing, albeit part-time, at my internship site: New Hope Counseling. Nothing could be more reassuring to me that to know I just plain like this work.  Every day I see another nuance in how I work or what’s going on with my clients.  Still, I’d love it to be full-time and I’d love work to be closer to my home.  But the job market is thin in the extreme and employment choices are limited, especially for us newly-minted “license eligible” counselors.

    Maybe Rush said it best:

    To live between a rock and a hard place
    In between time
    Cruising in prime time
    Soaking up the cathode rays

    – Rush, “Between the Wheels

    So here I am “in between time,” no longer a student but not yet a licensed counselor.  But the work itself is good and fulfilling and I can out-stubborn any of these temporary obstacles.

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