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    The Art of Online Resumes

    By the end of October, I’ll be a newly-minted counselor looking for his first paying gig.  Resumes are always a big part of the job search and in the past they’ve always been a pain to distribute.  But I’ve figured out a way to combine three different technologies to make resume access simple, elegant, and easy.

    Step 1 is to get your resume into Adobe PDF format.   There are lots of ways to do this.  If you have Word 2007 (and it’s very likely you do) you can get a free plug-in from Microsoft that will allow you to save to PDF.  You can get it from…

    So install that and you save your resume as PDF.  If you’re using an older version of Word or some other editor, Google around and find how you can make a PDF.

    Next upload your PDF-ed resume to Google Documents.  Google Docs, in its infinite wisdom, is able to show PDFs without any need for Adobe Acrobat.  So if you’ve got a browser, you can see the resume just the way it looks on paper.  And you can save.  And you can print.  You just have to set sharing to “everyone” but make sure they can’t edit.  Google Docs will give you a URL like this one..

    Kinda unwieldy, isn’t it?  That’s OK.  You can fix that too.  There’s a site called “” (yes, that’s really a URL).  They take long URLs and make them into short ones.  It’s mostly used for Twitter, but also consider the value of a URL short enough to put on a biz card.  Here’s my resume URL using

    Put that in your browser and you’ll see my resume even if you’ve never had a Google account.  The URL is compact, but hard to remember. will also let you pick your own URL as long as nobody else is using it.  This is my resume too.

    So now I have two very small, and one very memorable URLs that point straight to my resume.  I’m going to put this info everywhere.  In my email signature  on my IM chat status, on my biz card, even in my elevator speech.  My resume just got MUCH more available.

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