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    Birth of a Counselor

    (Think of this as the afterword to Death of a Programmer) On Friday, I turned in my ID badge and left my tech writing job at Equifax. On Monday, I’ll begin an internship that will allow me to become licensed to practice as a professional counselor (a psychotherapist) in Georgia. To an outsider, this seems […]

    I Almost Fried my CPU

    In 2003, I took advantage of an employee matching program to buy myself a new PC. In it’s day my Dell XPS was a pretty formidable gaming system. But five years on it’s barely holding its own. Worse, it’s loud. And by “loud”, I mean “loud like a passenger jet idling before takeoff.” I’ve tried […]

    Cellphone Cameras

    I used to scoff at cellphone cameras. I didn’t see the point. Now I get it.  That’s Ben and Thavy at Outback Steakhouse. [ buy porn viagra | cialis strenght mg | viagra st | buy inurl viagra viagra | cialis overnight delivery | paypal viagra | buy real viagra without prescription | price check […]

    Hey, Spammers: Hack This! (WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrade)

    A couple of weeks ago, my bud Anthony pointed out to me that somehow, somebody had managed to sneak a ton of spam links into my site footer without me even knowing about it.  I cleaned out the links and made a to-do to upgrade my WordPress from it’s pitifully out-of-date 2.0.4 version. Then this […]

    That Really Important Thing I’ve been Meaning to Tell You

    I keep saying that this is a “personal weblog”, but I rarely say much that’s very personal. Okay, that’s all changing as of right now. While I’ve been blogging about the trivialities of movies, video games, and such, I’ve been quite busy with my new son Ben. Thavy found out we were pregnant in late […]