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    Videoblogging Made Darn Easy

    How easy is it to put video on the web? Very, very easy. I was at WalMart today and saw a webcam for less than twenty bucks. That sounded like a cheap experiment to me, and I wanted to try out Google Video Chat anyway. Once I got it working, I went over to YouTube […]

    Apple is the Devil

    People like to think of Bill Gates and Microsoft as the devil, but if the devil was real, he’d be pushing Macs.  You see the devil is suave and seductive, not lame and clunky like Microsoft.  The digital devil makes offers like the hot new MacBooks, the iPod Touch and the sexy, sexy iPhone 3G. […]

    Adventures in Time and Cyberspace

    Here are some computer symptoms.  See if you can guess the cause: You can’t log into GMail using Chrome.  Google claims you have an unsupported browser, then gives you bizzare circular http redirects.  Firefox is fine.  Clearing cache and cookies does nothing. Google Reader shows that you have umpteen new items, but when you click […]

    “Operation STFU” is a Success!

    That’s “Shut The Fan Up“, BTW. So I used the procedure recommended here on my old Dell and sure enough, it’s a lot quieter.  I still hear a bit of fan noise, but I can totally live with it.  Speedfan says my processor is nice and cool, too. To celebrate, I present you with Bjork singing “It’s […]

    Canned Air is for Pansies

    In my ongoing struggle with computer noise, I decided to attempt to drive all the dust bunnies out of my case.  Stopping off at Best Buy, I got a couple of cans of air and started puffing.  Lots of dust came out (all over my desk) but more remained in vents, fans and nooks throughout […]

    We Don’t Understand What We’re Doing

    There’s a lot of finger pointing going on in regard to the banking collapse, the government takeovers, and resulting market turmoil.  If blame is to be assigned, then I think it needs to be assigned broadly.  We’re in this fix because when it comes to finances, almost nobody really understands what they’re doing.  This applies […]

    Fighting Aging by Taking out the Trash

    Aubrey de Grey has a theory that there are exactly seven factors that cause organisms (people included) to age and eventually die.  One of them is the buildup of toxic proteins that accumulate as a byproduct of metabolism.  The theory states that if you clear the toxins, then the organ can work better longer-maybe even […]

    Wonder is Alive and Well

    An urban legend has it that president McKinley advocated closing the patent office in 1899 because everything that was going to be invented already had been.  Sometimes I feel that way about scientific discovery.  When you’re young and you learn about DNA and relativity and black holes, it’s a huge rush of novelty and the […]

    Modern Home Plans

    Modern architecture seems to be the unwanted, outcast style of home builders these days.  Very few modern homes are being built where I live.  Instead we get derivitive colonial oddities like the Atlanta White House.  One refuge for modernism in my neck of the woods is the Northcrest neighborhood, which is far older than I […]

    Don’t Need No Steeenkin’ Badges

    (But I do seem to like them.) If you look over at the left side of the blog, you can see I’ve added a Google Reader Shared Items badge to my left hand sidebar. [ buy viagra cheap | viagra overnite | buying viagra | viagra soft tabs 100 mg | viagra levitra | free […]