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    On the Road to “Happily Ever After”

    If you asked me what was my biggest question of 2010, I would have to say “how can I build a full caseload and make a living wage in the process?” Late last year, I got my answer. Since November 2010, I’ve been working as a full-time therapist at The Highland Institute. The best part […]

    I’m Better Off Caffeinated

    Working as a drug addiction counselor, I’m supposed to help my clients get off harmful, addictive drugs. The dirty secret is that I’ve been dependent on a drug too, it just happens to be legal, cheap and readily available: coffee. Three weeks ago I made a decision to go off caffeine. I had tried to […]

    “Just Don’t Hold it that Way”

    …or “Why I don’t use Apple products.” so there’s a big kerfuffle about the new iPhone and how holding it the “wrong” way stops the phone from connecting to AT&T’s network. This is no isolated incident. When the unibody MacBook pros came out, I went into an Apple store to try one out. The first […]

    Step into My Office

    There’s a theory that when you ask the universe for something, it always answers. It was exactly six days since my last post that I got a call from Kay Starr Rachelson about joining her group practice, The Cottages Psychotherapy Center. Apparently we hit it off pretty well, because she offered me an office of […]

    In Between Time

    Time for a long-overdue update, dear readers. When I went back to school to become a therapist, I imagined the day when my studies would be over and I could start practicing “for real.” As always, reality is far more complicated than imagination. Graduation itself has become a drawn-out affair. I completed my last class […]

    The Art of Online Resumes

    By the end of October, I’ll be a newly-minted counselor looking for his first paying gig.  Resumes are always a big part of the job search and in the past they’ve always been a pain to distribute.  But I’ve figured out a way to combine three different technologies to make resume access simple, elegant, and […]

    Only Cheaters Prosper

    This post has been eight years in the making.  I’ve seen the following story repeat itself throughout my IT career.  It is at least part of the reason I don’t do IT any more.  Here is the concrete example that spurred me write this tale at long last. A business hires a software consulting firm […]

    For All of Us Who Can’t Get by on Our Good Looks

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    Welcome to the Snow Globe

    Georgia weather is just weird.  Yesterday it was 60+ degrees.  Today, a little after noon, this started… [ viagra with no prescription | viagra buy viagra | professional cialis | homemade viagra | cialis india pharmacy | female viagra response | real viagra online | viagra without prescription | canadian viagra | soft gel viagra […]

    Birth of a Counselor

    (Think of this as the afterword to Death of a Programmer) On Friday, I turned in my ID badge and left my tech writing job at Equifax. On Monday, I’ll begin an internship that will allow me to become licensed to practice as a professional counselor (a psychotherapist) in Georgia. To an outsider, this seems […]